We have extremely dedicated, experienced & hardcore research team who are always eager to face new challenges and help the Indian industries to get their right solutions. In this department we either support for solving technical problems or else we took complete product development as per customers choice. We always insist to be the part of customer’s team so that we can understand better how the product can be produce with best quality and service. We help the customer up to production of the same product. This department is well equipped with advances tools like EDA tools , Compilers, Computers, Programmers, Oscilloscope and many more


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Production Support

In this we support our client to produce the designed product in quantity for them. This is a part of our design service and helpful for many industries who don’t want to invest in production and testing activity. Being a advance manufacturing setup and proper quality control procedure we ensure our client for committed delivery and best quality.


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PCB Design

This department is mainly for designing of PCBs for the designs which are working in house. But as a part of services we also help our customer to design only PCBs of their product, wherein the design input will be given by our client. We have latest CAD tools and experienced team which is capable of doing PCB design from single layer to multi layers. Till date we have completed 780 various PCBs and maximum 8 layer board with control impedance.


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Highly experienced team of professionals and engineers are employed in the manufacturing activity. Every single product made at our plant has to pass through stringent quality control tests to ensure 100% performance under extreme field conditions. Raw material inward QC is mandatory for every component entering our manufacturing area. Full care is taken right from inward raw material QC, the process of manufacturing, rigid Quality Control test of the product, appearance, packing and dispatch.

This activity is cater in various departments like


1. Purchase & Planning:

This department is responsible for monthly planning of manufacturing and as per requirement it will purchase the raw material. For purchase of raw material they has to ensure that material should be purchased of approved make and from approved vendor.


2. Quality Control:

This department is responsible for maintaining the quality at various stages.

A) Inward quality – The material received from vendor has to be checked as per purchase order and ensure the quality, quantity and make specified by design department
B) Visual Inspection:- Here the actual product on production line is visually inspected for various quality norms set by quality policy. PCB Cleaning is also checked by these people.
C) Final inspection:- Once the product is get completed and tested by production people final inspection and report generation takes place. In case of any noncompliance, particular product is rejected and send back to production line for proper action

3. Production:

In this departments skilled and experienced people are working under supervision of production manager. The production setup is well equipped and advance machineries like Wave Machine , component cutting and bending tools, ultrasonic cleaning , visual inspection aids etc.

4. Stores:

This department holds the inventory of raw material as well as finished goods. For storage of raw material received from vendors proper bins along with identification mark is provided. If the material is static sensitive it will be stored in antistatic bags or trays and kept in special bin indicating “static sensitive handle with care”. For finished product the rack are provided with labels. For maintaining the stock / inventory of raw material & finished good we use Specially designed Customize ERP software, which links stores / purchase / production departments.

5. Dispatch department:

This department is responsible for dispatch of material as per purchase order received from customer. In this department before dispatch proper packing along with packing slip is ensured. Product serial no. is generated and printed on product. The same no. is fed to ERP to keep the track record of the product for future reference.


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Customer Products

  • 3 Axis encoder interface in single FPGA Chip
  • PCI based FPGA Card for Defense Lab.
  • FPGA based Power Factor controller
  • On line metal Detector
  • Cell Matching Equipment for Defense Battery Manufacturer
  • FPGA Based Magnetic Weighing machine
  • Ultrasonic Flow Measurement Unit
  • Pirani Vacuum Gauge
  • 4096 IO data-logger for railways
  • USB based Tan-Delta measurement.
  • On-line weighing machine (check-weigher)
  • Many more

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