About Us

REANU Microelectronics is brainchild of Mr. Abhay S. Tambe and Mrs. Ravina A. Tambe. After getting the 15 years of industrial experience in various field, we decided to sincerely contribute a little BIT to make the future better. Because we believe that, in the huge expanse that is the world, even a little Bit counts. With VLSI, we will prove beyond doubt, that a little BIT goes a long way in shaping the future of bright Electronic Students, and in making tomorrow's World happen So we establish a company in 2002-2003 with the name “REANU microelectronics Pvt. Ltd.”


Being specialize in providing the solutions to the design and testing need, we provides engineering solutions worldwide to engineering service providers, System integrators, Research Institutes, and OEMs. We at RMPL, motivate our team to do the best, whether it is Designing, Production or Quality Control. The trust of our esteemed clients is reflected in their feedback, which is treated with utmost respect. Thus enriching our knowledge and adoption of latest technology in accordance to the needs of various industries.